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New Income Functionality:

We’re excited to release new functionality on OptionsPlay to help you quickly find income trades that fit your personal preferences. We’re giving you the ability to select your preferred time-frame and risk-tolerance. Set independent settings for covered calls and short puts separately to see expanded opportunities to generate income!

View this walkthrough video or read the full guide below:



Full Enhanced Income Strategies Guide:

Click on the Default Settings button on the bottom of the Income Tab to choose your desired time-frame and risk-tolerance for income strategies. 

Users can choose time frame settings based on the how far out you typically choose an options expiration. 


User Defined Time Frame

Short Term         (20-49 days)

Medium Term   (50-89 days)

Long Term         (90-180 days)


User Defined Risk-Tolerance 

Conservative – Optimized to reduce the risk of having stock called away (covered call) or owning the stock (short put).

Optimal – Optimized to find a balanced approach between risk and return.

Aggressive – Optimized to maximize income return, which increases the risk of losing the stock (covered call) or owning the stock (short put)


Enhanced Income Settings




Use Cases:

Once you create your settings, OptionsPlay will find the option that closest match your desired timeframe and aggressiveness for any symbol. If in the event that no option matches your default settings, OptionsPlay will use its algorithms to find the next best alternative.


1. If an option is found based on your default settings, you will see a green bar and check mark next to the option. This lets you know that an option was found based on your default settings. 


Enhanced Income Green


2. If an option based on the your setting was not found and OptionsPlay found an alternative, you will see a blue title bar and a red warning flag that will explain in Plain English the next best alternative that was found.


Enhanced Income Blue


3. If no options based on any of the settings were found by OptionsPlay, then you will see a message that explains that no options were found. It will still allow them to view strategies if you click on view more aggressive strategies.


Enhanced Income None


4. Users will also have the ability to explore the matrix of different income strategies for other timeframes and risk-tolerances on any given symbol by clicking on the “Options Grid” button at the bottom.

Enhanced Income Grid