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Loyal customers like you have been spreading the word about us. Today, we’re very proud to announce a powerful new sharing feature to help make that easier for you.

Starting now, you can sign into OptionsPlay Ideas and share your trade strategies through StockTwits, Twitter, and email. The app will send a screenshot of your trade, plus a link that takes the recipient directly into the OptionsPlay Ideas platform whether they’re a subscribed member or not!

This means that you can send trade strategies – which includes a live P&L – directly to your broker, advisor, investment club partners, trading buddies, or anyone you want, from directly within the platform. They’ll see the exact trade you built, including all metrics—probability of profit, risks, rewards, breakevens, Greeks, you name it. Nothing gets lost in translation—all the relevant information that the recipient needs to take meaningful action is presented before them.

Sharing investment opportunities will help you generate new ideas and spread the word about OptionsPlay Ideas. Everyone wins, so happy sharing!  And please keep the feedback coming. We’ve got a whole list of new features and enhancements listed below. More great things are on the way!

Sincerest regards,

The OptionsPlay Team


Sharing and the Single Trade View

Each strategy has a Single Trade View accessible by clicking anywhere on the graph. You’ll see a detailed presentation of the trade that includes the risk analysis, P&L graph, the Strategy Checklist, and the Greeks.



The Sharing button opens a dialog presenting selections for sharing your trade via StockTwits, Twitter, email, or just copying the information to your clipboard. There are three core components being shared:

  • A freeform text message limited to 94 characters. This limit is imposed by the sharing medium.
  • A screenshot of the Single Trade View. This picture will accompany your shared social media post.
  • A unique URL. If you’re already a registered OptionsPlay Idea user and signed in, this link will open the trade inside of your current browser session. If you’re not signed in, your default browser will take you directly to this trade. But clicking anywhere else will prompt you to sign in, or to sign up. That means anyone can click the link and see what OptionsPlay Ideas looks like from inside the platform. We encourage you to share often!

Here is what a shared trade link looks like to someone who isn’t registered. Note that it includes the P&L of the trade:



Volatility Slider                   

Our P&L Simulator now allows you to specify a (hypothetical) implied volatility value in addition to the underlying price and date.


Support for Options With No Underlying Stock

We now support symbols such as VIX, SPX, and ISE currency options such as EUU, YUK, and more.


Standard Deviations for Any Expiry

The Trading Range Simulator now allows you to select different expiries to see what their corresponding probability curves would look like. The new shaded area denotes expiries that are further out than the maximum expiry among the displayed trading strategies.



Chains Standard Deviation Markers

The Strike dropdown box in Edit Legs now shades for in-the-money, and out-of-the-money strikes. In addition, it marks where the +1 and -1 standard deviations are relative to those strikes.



Raw Return Figure Added to Income Strategies

Per FINRA compliance rules, any annualized return calculation using a period less than 60 days must be accompanied by a Raw Return value. If our optimal call or put recommendation hits a strike less than 60 days out, we display an asterisk next to the AR to warn the user.