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Introducing OptionsPlay Alpha:

Financial Advisors have a specifically difficult task of managing income generation across their clients’ holdings. Most advisors understand the added benefits of a covered call program to their clients’ portfolios, but many lack the tools and time to implement it methodically and consistently. OptionsPlay Alpha was designed from the ground up to guide advisors in maximizing the benefits of covered calls by automating the entire life-cycle of a covered call. Now with a single report generated daily, advisors know exactly where they stand on every single account across their book of clients. Covered call opportunities, dividend assignment risk, and alerts to take profit are all available in a single report saving valuable time while maximizing their client’s income potential. OptionsPlay can scan a single client’s holdings, an advisor’s entire book, or an entire branch every day and on-demand. Put the power of options in your advisory practice and start maximizing your income potential!

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