OptionsPlay Bulletins

We’re excited to announce that our first webinar will be with Peter Lusk, Senior Instructor from the CBOE

Basic OptionsPlay with CBOE
Thursday, September 18th @ 2PM EST 

Options trading is quickly growing with many investors, as they are finding value in the use of options for trading opportunities and generating income. Join us for an introduction to some of the basics of options trading and how the OptionsPlay software can help you navigate the market.

 Peter Lusk, Senior Instructor at CBOE, and Tony Zhang, Head of Product Strategy at OptionsPlay, will walk you through the basics for getting started with options trading.

 In this complimentary webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Introduction to the basics of options contracts.
  • Understand the mechanics of three popular option strategies.
  • Learn that every trade begins with a three-part forecast.

This will be followed by applying some of the key talking points and analytics using the OptionsPlay Ideas Platform.

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