Devilish Details

As you can imagine, trying to design a UI that makes options a cinch for anyone to understand can lead to a few arguments debates in the office.

The greatest design challenge we’ve had is with the HOW panel. There are very powerful tools there that can really help you grasp all the details about a potential trade. But they can be overwhelming for novice traders to grasp.

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll start seeing changes designed to reduce and simplify the amount of information thrown at the user. We’re moving tools like the standard deviation slider and P&L calculator to a slider, which will give the entire panel more space that’s easier on the eyes.

We welcome your feedback to help make our UI more intuitive and informative. For example, how many of you knew that the red or green trim surrounding each trade panel indicates the sentiment of the strategy? If you’re a pro and know how to turn any of those trades into an iron condor, the trim of that trade would turn yellow, indicating a neutral strategy.

Please let us know what you think!

In our next blog, we’ll be talking shop about trade strategy. Until then, happy trading!


The OptionsPlay Team