Closing Trades (GPN, INCY) – Friday, Dec 3rd, 2020

DailyPlay Positions Outlook:

The markets have continued to rip higher in the first trading session of 2020 on the back of easing in China. We see limited upside in the short run with a higher probability of a short term correction and consolidation period. Watch our webinar on How to Hedge Your Portfolio Against a Correction. We are using this opportunity to take profits on our GPN position at all-time highs and cutting losses on INCY which has not rallied as expected. 

Closing Trades

• GPN – 68% Gains: Jan 17 ’20 175/190 Call Vertical@ $10.10
• INCY – 67% Loss: Jan 17 ’20 90/100 Call Vertical @ $1.15

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