Trade Adjustment (ZM) – March 3rd, 2020

Zoom (ZM) Trade Adjustment

After the Feb 28th $107 Calls expired worthless on our Call Diagonal, we suggest turning the remaining March $105 Call into a vertical by selling a March $130 Call @ $4.40. This would reduce the total risk of the trade to just $1.45 per contract, less than 1.5% of the underlying stock price. ZM has already moved significantly higher after our trade and may have limited gains on earnings on March 5th. This new vertical risks just $1.45 to potentially make $23.55 per contract. 

Adjusting Trade

• ZM – 150% Unrealized Gain: Sell to Open March $130 Call @ $4.40

Upcoming Event:

Live Market Analysis with Q&A Thursday, March 5th @ 4:15 PM EST Submit Your Questions