OptionsPlay DailyPlay Performance Metrics – Updated 9/6/18

We have updated our DailyPlay Performance metrics and very excited to report improvements to our stats over the past quarter! We clocked in twice as many wins vs. losses with a total of 67% winners and an average winning trade of 82.32% profits. Additionally, our new monitoring of positions decreased our average losing trade to only -63.69%.

DailyPlay Winners vs Losers 

Twice as many wins!

Out of 102 trades, we had a massive 71 winning trades!
67% Winning Trades
33% Losing Trades
Screenshot 2018-09-06 19.34.40


Win Outperformance!

Winners outperformed losers by a margin of 19%
Average Winning Trade: 82.32%
Average Losing Trade: -63.69%



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