Bullish DailyPlay for Thursday Feb 9th, 2017 – Nextera Energy (NEE)

The bullish DailyPlay we chose for Thursday Feb 9th is Nextera Energy (NEE). NEE is part of the Utilites Sector (XLU). Over the last month, XLU has experienced a 2.51% move higher and its 1m and 6m trend has turned bullish on 2/6 while breaking above its $49 resistance level.

Nextera Energy’s 1m and 6m trends turned bullish on 1/27 and just broke above its $125 resistance level on high volume. With a technical score of 5 (out of 10), NEE looks positioned to continue this strong bullish trend higher.

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As a stop loss, if NEE was to trade below $125 for multiple days, this would invalidate our analysis and suggest getting out of the trade.