Taking Profits (AAPL, SPY, TLT) – March 10th, 2020

DailyPlay Positions Outlook:

Markets have pulled back into bear market territory on a collapse in oil prices and coronavirus fears. We expect markets to find some support in the $260-270 range. We are using this opportunity to take profits on SPY and AAPL and cut losses on our TLT short position and start looking for buying opportunities.

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Closing Trades

• AAPL – 70% Gain: Short Apr 17, 2020 305/325 Call [email protected] $2.62
• SPY – 107% Gain: Long Apr 17, 2020 275/297 Put [email protected] $11.39
• TLT – 102% Loss: Short Apr 9 155.5/160 Call [email protected] $3.45

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