Taking Profits (COP, GE, INTC) – Wednesday, Jan 30th, 2020

DailyPlay Positions Outlook:

As earnings season kicks into full gear, we are seeing a string of strong earnings from technology names. We see this continuation higher as the start of market exhaustion before a pullback. Learn to protect your portfolio against a correction with our webinar on How to Hedge Your Portfolio Against a Correction. We are using this opportunity to take profits on our GE and INTC trades while cutting losses on our COP trade as oil takes a dive on virus fears. 

Closing Trades

• COP – 78% Loss: Long Feb 28 64/70 Call Verticals @ $0.45
• GE – 72% Gains: Long Mar 20 11/13 Call Verticals @ $1.48
• INTC – 54% Gains: Short Feb 28 56.5/59.5 Put Verticals @ $0.15

Upcoming Event:

Understanding Option Greeks –Thursday, Jan 30th @ 4:15 PM EST

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