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At OptionsPlay, it is our mission to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to be a confident trader. We built a network of specialists dedicated to our member’s success. 

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Tony Zhang

Prakash Vijayanath

Jessica Inskip

Chief Strategy Officer

Trading Analyst

Jessica joined the financial industry in 2009 and most recently accepted a position with OptionsPlay. 

She has held various positions within the brokerage industry across multiple firms, including roles specializing in strategy, product management, high frequency trading, complex options and derivative strategies, and the relationship management of high-net-worth affluent investors.

Director of Education and Product

Tony Zhang, Chief Strategy Officer of OptionsPlay and CNBC Contributor has over a decade of experience as a market strategist in equities, FX and derivatives.

 Spending the last 7 years creating the OptionsPlay tool, he is a leading educator on options and trading strategies around multiple world markets.

As a Trading Analyst, Prakash assists OptionsPlay in all market research for items such as DailyPlay trade ideas, market outlooks, and thematic investing series. 

He is skilled in options and forex trading with a strong understanding of currency markets as well as the technology industry!

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Watch Tony Zhang, the Chief Strategy Officer of OptionsPlay, on Options Action on CNBC on Fridays at 5:30 PM ET.

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September 14, 4:15 PM EST

Friday Market Outlook


Join us at 8:45 AM EST for a special webinar featuring Prakash Vijayanath Trading Analyst of OptionsPlay, as we review the market outlook of the current markets and where we see opportunities using OptionsPlay!

September 15, 8:45 AM EST


Join Tony Zhang, Chief Strategist at OptionsPlay as he dives into the foundational building blocks required to understand and master complex options strategies and shows you the tools to analyze and manage each trade.

Level Up Your Options - OptionsPlay Trading Summit 

Level Up Your Options

Learn how to build on the foundations of options into complex strategies that reduce risk and increase your profit potential. We’ll cover how you can turn a call or put into spreads and butterflies to trade various market outlooks and maximize your profits. 

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Macro Monday Weekly Technical Outlook 

 Identify the trending topics affecting the markets this week and what’s “technically” moving the markets. Join OptionsPlay’s Chief Strategy Officer, Tony Zhang to walk you through the markets and gain confidence in navigating the markets this week.

September 11, 8:45 PM EST