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"There are always opportunities in the market, but success in trading comes from the ability to control risks and downside."

Tuesday Market Outlook

Every Tuesday at 9 AM EST

Join Tony Zhang, Chief Strategist, and CNBC Contributor on a morning market overview and share trade ideas with members. Do not miss out!

  • Review of the markets and research that influence our expectations

  • Sharing of trade ideas and strategies with members and our team

  • Discussion on the best practices to leverage our views using options


*This is an exclusive members-only event. Members will be automatically registered to attend.

Upcoming Events

Options Education

Every Wednesday at 4:15 PM EST

Learn topics to increase your options trading knowledge. 


 November 2nd- Trading Option Greek
November 10th-Red Knock Out - A Simple Momentum Charting Pattern  
           November 17th- How to Use Options Volatility to Gain an Edge                          November 24th- How to Find Short Squeeze Candidates

Rapid Fire Session

Looking for the best insights on trade symbols? Join us LIVE as Options expert Tony Zhang responds in real-time to YOUR questions on current symbols in the market. Get Tony's special insights.



Friday, July 9th at 8:30 AM EST

*This is an exclusive members-only event. Members will be automatically registered to attend.

Learn how you can add income, speculate with limited risk, and hedge a portfolio's downside using options with our platform, education, and trading ideas and reports.

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-Tony Zhang, Chief Strategist

OptionsPlay Chartbook

Friday, November 5th & 19th at 9:00 AM EST



Make sure to check your inbox for this week's chartbook. Stay on top of the latest updates on markets, sectors, economics, and ideas from OptionsPlay with our ChartBook. 

See our commentary on the major indices, updates on sector rotation, and highlights of economic indicators. The chartbook includes:

3 Market Observations

  • Important Technical Events of Domestic Indices
  • Sector Rotation Model Updates
  • Market Moving Economic Indicators


Rapid Fire Session

Friday, December 3rd at 8:30 AM EST



Join Prakash Vijayanath, Trading Analyst of OptionsPlay as we host a Rapid Fire session where we analyze the symbols and sectors that our members have submitted!

*This is an exclusive members-only event. Members will be automatically registered to attend.

Introduction to Small Futures 

with Tom Sosnoff

Tuesday, December 14th at 4:15 PM EST


Join us for a very special webinar on Tuesday, December 14th, with special guest Tom Sosnoff, CEO and Co-Founder of TastyWorks, as we discuss how futures can be leveraged for active traders to gain a directional view on various asset classes.