OptionsPlay February Options Education Webinar Schedule

The first month of 2019 was marked with a strong reversal from the selloff at the end of 2018. As we enter a more stable market in February, we want to explore important topics that are critical for constructing a blend of stocks and options portfolios for income and speculation. We will take Feb to introduce a series of Webinars designed to add yield to any portfolio with a blend of speculating and income strategies. 


  • Feb 7th – Discounted Stock Purchase w/ Cash-Secured Puts
  • Feb 14th – Gain Your Directional Edge w/ Options
  • Feb 21st – Maximize Profits w/ Debit and Credit Spreads
  • Feb 28th – How to Leverage Technical Analysis w/ Options Trading


**Register once for all webinars! Registrations will receive the recording after the webinar!**