Nasdaq-100 Index Options Trading Education Series

NDX Options
More Options. More Opportunities
Gain exposure to 100+ of the largest, Nasdaq listed non-financial stocks.
Learn to generate income, hedge your portfolio and seek trading opportunities with our education on Nasdaq-100 Index Options. Cash-settled, European style options with favorable tax treatment provided added efficiencies to trading NDX and NQX over ETF options. View our recorded webinars and capture trading opportunities with Nasdaq-100 index options!
Income: Generate Income w/ Nasdaq-100 Index Options
Hedging: Hedge a Portfolio w/ Nasdaq-100 Index Options
Trading: Leverage Technical Analysis w/ Nasdaq-100 Index Options
Featured Speaker: Tony Zhang, Chief Strategist of OptionsPlay has over a decade of experience as a market strategist in equities, FX and derivatives. Spending the last 6 years creating the OptionsPlay tool, he is a leading educator on option and trading strategies around multiple world markets.