Trade Bullish and Bearish Views with Limited Risk

Learn how you can add income, speculate with limited risk, and hedge a portfolio's downside using options with our platform, education, and trading ideas and reports.

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Nasdaq is proud to announce our latest partnership with OptionsPlay to bring intuitive options education with actionable trading ideas.


Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Learn and Explore Options 

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With options you can create a return in a bullish, bearish and even in a neutral market.

Create a return in a bullish, bearish and even in a neutral market

You can reduce risk and hedge a stock or a portfolio, create a position with high leverage as well as letting time or volatility work in your favor.

Reduce risk and hedge a stock or a portfolio

Enhance equity positions with income using options

This makes options interesting for all types of investors - from large institutions to private individuals.

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Maximize Yield in your Portfolio: Our Proprietary Real-Time Scanning Tools help you identify stocks suitable for covered call and short put income. It evaluates  based on various criteria and saves you hours of research each week.

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Learn to leverage the power of options to take directional views in the market while limiting your risk. 

See how leverage can be added to your portfolio and understand why risk management is so important for profitability. See how you can profit from bullish and bearish views during these times of volatility using options.

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PART 1: 

Learn to Trade Vertical Spreads

Learn how you can master your options trading strategy and process, taught by CNBC Contributors Jessica Inskip and Tony Zhang. See how you can grow a portfolio using technical analysis and options with limited risk.


PART 2: 

Leverage Your Portfolio with Limited Risk

Take advantage of your directional view in the markets with leverage but limited risk using options.
Learn the best practices for selecting options, strategies, risks, and rewards before deploying them in your portfolio!


PART 3: 

How Do Professional Traders Think?

Join us for an impactful session with Jessica Inskip as she breaks down valuable insights on how professional traders think. Learn what the experts use and how to have the mind of a professional trader.
You will be able to use these top mindset hacks in your portfolio!