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We have one goal: To show you how options can unlock investment opportunities for everyone. We guide investors of all experience levels through the risks and rewards of options trading using clear, concise language that anyone can understand.

About OptionsPlay

In 2010, self-described “spreadsheet nerd” and career finance professional Mark Engelhardt decided to try his hand at options trading again. He wanted an intuitive platform that combined equity analytics with options data in a visual way, but couldn’t find one that did. That’s when he decided to solve this challenge himself and build his own trading app—in a spreadsheet, of course.

That spreadsheet took on a life of its own. It contained risk and reward options strategy visualizations. Plain-English explanations of stock technical indicators. Optimal strike and expiry calculations for any trade. Every time he added something new, he thought of more ways to make it better.

When Mark showed it to hedge fund managers, they were amazed. They told him a tool like this didn’t exist for them, either. At a glance, it gave anyone all the information they needed to act decisively about a trade whether they knew anything about options or not. That’s when he realized that he had created something for the rest of us.

In 2012, Mark met investors who were inspired by his vision, and OptionsPlay was born. Since then, his spreadsheet has been transformed into the platform he always dreamed of. Today, OptionsPlay is a team of professionals devoted to bringing options trading to every investor. Nothing makes us happier than helping you realize your investment goals.

Our Partners

LEAF Capital Advisors, LLC

OptionsPlay is backed by LEAF Capital Advisors. The team brings a new level of innovation to financial services—with the common goal of making it easier for investors to transact business.

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