Opening Day

“Some time ago, we bought into this idea…”

You’ve heard this story before. But it never gets old. We started with nothing. Just an inception. But any inception can be the start of something big.

So we hoped. We collaborated. We debated. We compromised. We worked long hours, weekends, spent untold sleepless nights thinking about solutions, finding a balance, seeking a path towards realizing the vision we glimpsed in that moment we called an inception.

Above all else—and this is what really matters—we took a risk.

Yesterday was the day we put it out there for the world to judge. No, it’s not flawless, and no, it didn’t go without a hitch or two. We’ll never be 100% satisfied with it, and we’ll always be tinkering with it, reaching for perfection.

But we believe we’ve created something that will really open up a lot of eyes about the power of options and the opportunities that are out there. And based on the feedback we’re seeing so far, we believe that most of you do as well.

Stay tuned to this blog. In the future, we’ll be discussing everything from option trading strategies to just sharing what we’ve learned from you and how we’re going to implement it in the app.

So from all of us to all of you, thank you for being a part of this special moment. You’re helping us drive now, and we’re only just underway.


The OptionsPlay Team