Introducing the OptionsPlay Rewards Program

BountyAnnouncementIcon At OptionsPlay, we get excited talking about options trading.

So it’s our great pleasure to announce the OptionsPlay Rewards Program. In summary, this program pays active members a 5% recurring commission for every referral they bring aboard.

When we see market opportunities, we share ideas with each other, work through a few scenarios, and then place the trade. Often times we’ll exchange ideas with friends, and together we’ll build on each other’s experience to become better traders.

There’s an entire community of smart, market-savvy people just like you who are always looking for great trade ideas. Our goal is to bring this community together and provide you with a fast, convenient way to exchange information that could make your next trade a great one.

Sharing ideas builds confidence in your investment decisions. For example, you might want to run an idea past your broker or financial adviser for a second opinion. If you’re in an investment club, you can easily distribute your ideas to everyone in the group. For every context in which a prospective trade should be discussed and evaluated, we want to be there to help guide the conversation. Because especially for option trades, which have lots of variables, it’s helpful when everyone is looking at the same information. When you share your trades using OptionsPlay Ideas, no details are lost.

Most of all, we believe our customers should be rewarded for growing our community. Sharing trade ideas is the heart of this effort. The more ideas you share, the more everyone benefits.

Sharing is as simple as clicking the trade you want to share, selecting a share method, composing your message and then sending it. For more details, please visit this blog post. 


The program rules are as follows:

  • Only paid, active subscribers qualify to receive referral rewards.
  • Referrals must sign up to OptionsPlay Ideas directly from a link that you shared.
  • Referral rewards apply from the day you subscribe. For example, if a friend subscribes from your shared link before you become a paid subscriber, you will not receive referral payments until your friend renews their subscription.
  • Up to five trades with the same underlying symbol may be shared in a single day.
  • The stock that is being shared must have a market cap in excess of $30 million.
  • The shared trade can’t be more than 30 days past the expiration of any option legs in the trade. This does not apply to stock-only trades.
  • Your earnings will accrue in your “Paid Sharing” account. Referral rewards will appear in your account 4-6 weeks after the referral subscribes.
  • Payouts will be dispersed once every six months and will be distributed by check. If your total fees in a calendar year amount to $400 or greater, the IRS requires that you provide us with tax documents.

These rules are subject to change without notice at any time.

We look forward to seeing all your ideas!

Happy Trading,

The OptionsPlay Team

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