How to Trade Futures

In this article, we will walk you through enabling futures on both Tastyworks and IBKR

1. Make sure you have a trading account open.

To trade futures, you must already have a pre-existing trading account. You can open an account for free. There are currently two US brokers that support Small Futures, Tastyworks and IBKR.

2. Enable Futures on your account

Just because you have a trading account does not mean you can trade futures yet. It is important that this feature be enabled on your account. Check with your brokerage on steps to enable futures for your account.

3. Start trading Futures

You are now ready to gain the benefits of trading futures! For more learning on trading futures follow us on YouTube and watch our videos where we go over step-by-step how to trade futures and the best tips and tricks for being profitable!

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Tony Zhang