OptionsPlay Ideas Redefines Options Trading

OptionsPlay Ideas: The New Standard in Options Ideas and Analysis for Individual Investors

JERSEY CITY, NJ, September 16, 2014–OptionsPlay® redefines the options trading experience with the rollout of OptionsPlay Ideas.  Freeing options investors from the drudgery of complex calculations, OptionsPlay handles the heavy computing and delivers what investors really want—ideas they can trade with confidence.  With visual clarity and intuitive design, OptionsPlay Ideas offers suggested DailyPlays™, as well as comprehensive analysis and advice on investors’ own options ideas.

“OptionsPlay Ideas is the answer to every option trader’s dream,” said Mark Engelhardt, founder and CEO of OptionsPlay.  “No more flipping through options sites for data and ideas.  No more slogging through complex analytics to figure out the real cost, risk and potential for profit of any trade.  OptionsPlay cuts through all of that—making it easy to select, structure and evaluate a trade as fast as wondering ‘what if’.”

With its smart, intuitive interface, OptionsPlay Ideas offers a satisfying new experience for investors used to complicated options platforms that raise more questions than they answer.  Standout features valued by users include the following:

  • Strategy analysis on every trade, giving support or caution on five key market, stock and risk criteria
  • Side-by-side comparison of multiple strategies for the same underlying stock or ETF
  • OptionsPlay proprietary score—the ultimate decision-making tool—generated for every considered stock and option strategy, consolidating risk, reward and potential for profit into a single number
  • Freedom to explore alternative strategies—bullish or bearish, selling or buying, puts or calls, different strike prices and expiries, even multi-leg strategies such as butterflies, condors, backspreads and diagonals—obtaining the same analysis and guidance for every idea

“Looking for options plays, there are a lot of things you can use—quantitative analysis, historical trends, the Greeks, or you can just wing it,” said one of the prelaunch users of OptionsPlay Ideas, who was a novice at options when he started using it.  “OptionsPlay caters to the guy who doesn’t want to know how all those things work.  I pick the stock and OptionsPlay shows the plays and the scores, so I can see if there is an interesting play.” 

Feedback from testing by hundreds of options traders, from beginners to veterans, indicates that OptionsPlay delivers clear value to three types of investor.  For stock and option traders who are looking for short-term trading ideas, OptionsPlay analytics and charting provide vivid and comprehensive analysis of market trends and momentum to aid strategy selection.  For active options traders, OptionsPlay offers both DailyPlays and clear-cut analysis of the profit opportunities for any US equity.  For stockholders interested in leveraging their own holdings for additional income, OptionsPlay enables them to find optimal income strategies.  

“If you’re an options trader, you’re always looking for tools to analyze trades.  This is the best one I’ve used,“ said David Taddeo, an experienced options trader and OptionsPlay beta tester who largely trades covered calls.  “I’ve tried 30 of their DailyPlays.  Twenty-nine of them were successful.  When I do my own covered calls, I use the edit-trade function to change elements like duration and strike price until I get an 80-85 percent likelihood of success.  I go with that.”

Compared to other sources of trade ideas and other platforms for researching options strategies, OptionsPlay Ideas goes further and delivers more. The combination of professional-level analysis, trading guidance for any type of option on any equity, and a visual presentation that is simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for the most experienced investor is unique in the market—and uniquely useful to investors looking to make informed decisions on options strategies.

“OptionsPlay is easier to use and gives you better ideas than anything I’ve found on a brokerage site,” said another beta test user who took up options after he retired from banking.  “I like to load in tickers to see if they have suggestions.  I use OptionsPlay on every trade I do.”

More information and immediate access to OptionsPlay Ideas are available now at www.optionsplay.com.  Investors can test OptionsPlay free for 30 days, before signing up for the monthly $20 license.

About OptionsPlay
OptionsPlay began in 2013 with a clear mission: to pack the tools and techniques of Wall Street options traders into powerful and easy-to-use solutions for investors of all levels. OptionsPlay Ideas is the first and core product of a suite of OptionsPlay offerings, rolling out over the next year.  OptionsPlay is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ.  For more information visit www.optionsplay.com.

OptionsPlay is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries.


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